Parley Pro is one of the best legal tech solutions

Parley Pro Named One of the 10 Best Legal Tech Solution Providers By MyTechMag

It’s only May but it’s already been an incredibly busy year here at Parley Pro. We’ve rolled out several new product features, refreshed our UX to make it even more intuitive, onboarded new customers, and we’re planning some major announcements for the Fall.

With so much progress, it’s nice to see our innovation and hard work recognized with industry awards.

We’re delighted to announce that Parley Pro was named a 2019 Ten Best Legal Tech Solutions Provider. Organized by MyTechMag, this award recognizes companies developing innovative technology applications that improve legal workflow, increase productivity, and enhance efficiency, privacy, and compliance.   

Slack for Contracts

Parley Pro was selected for its ability to help companies close higher quality contracts faster through Smart Collaboration.  Only Parley Pro features a proprietary online negotiation engine, a Slack-like chat workspace, that unifies people and data and enables both internal and external stakeholders to negotiate and work in real-time across a single document. This enhanced collaboration engine vastly simplifies the entire end-to-end contracting process, resulting in much faster contract cycle times, improved transparency and more profitable business relationships.

Leveraging our customer feedback and in-house technology research, we’ll continue to ensure Parley Pro is carefully tailored to meet our customers needs with a robust solution that helps create stronger business relationships and fuel better decision making.  

Big thanks to our customers and to MyTechMag for selecting Parley Pro as a 10 best legal tech solution provider. We look forward to delivering more innovation and value in the coming weeks and months.

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