Parley Pro Team Welcomes Nick

Parley Pro Welcomes Nick!

Why Parley Pro? 

I chose Parley Pro because I recognized the need for legal teams to be able to negotiate contracts in real-time. It is a modern way to negotiate! We have an amazing product that is easy to use. It is very intuitive. We are continuously innovating to make sure we provide the best product to our clients. 

What’s your sales philosophy?

I love being helpful! It is important to understand all of your client’s needs to ensure you are exceeding their expectations. I like to form strong relationships with my clients. 

Fun fact 

I used to be a DJ when I was in college. I also played football, rugby in high school.

Anything else 

It is very exciting to be apart of a hard-working determined team. I am excited to see what is in store for the future of Parley Pro! We are striving to become an industry leader and I can’t wait to be along for the journey! 

About Parley Pro
Parley Pro helps businesses get more from their contracts by transforming them into strategic, digital assets — giving them the tools to create, negotiate, manage, automate, and optimize contracts to streamline business objectives, maximize revenue and reduce risk.

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