5 Benefits of using Digital Signature Software

5 Benefits of using Digital Signature Software

In the past few years, more business processes than we could have imagined have become digitized. There is more software being developed to help make these processes more accessible, faster, and cheaper. Digital signature software is one of the many to gain popularity in recent years.

What is Digital Signature Software?

A digital signature is a modern alternative to a wet signature that allows clients to sign on documents to prove their identity. Whenever a document is signed digitally, a unique mathematical code is attached to it, which makes it authentic. A digital signature is legally accepted and eliminates the paper trail of a traditional wet signature.

Sign contracts with electronic signature software
Sign contracts with electronic signature software

A digital signature software is software that facilitates the process of signing a document digitally. The software may also provide features that manage and send the signed documents as well as ensure the security of the document.

A digital signature software can track the documents you have signed, provide a trail of the signature process, and use a third-party Certificate Authority to validate and authenticate the document.

Core Benefits of a Digital Signature Software

There are several reasons why you should consider using digital signature software to run your organization. Five of these benefits include:

Speeding Up Your Business Processes

Digital signature software comes in particularly handy in this Pandemic when more than ever, companies are switching to remote working in a bid to reduce physical contact. Using an e-signature maker, you can quickly create your handwritten digital signature. You can create this e-signature online, using an e-signature software.

digital signature software solutions
E-signature improves business processes

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can quickly sign and send a document using a digital signature software. You can also share the signed documents in your workgroup so that it moves to the next stage in the workflow. This applies when you need a client to sign on a document.

With this software, you can also arrange your documents, which makes it easy to find a particular one rather than checking in a stack of paper in your cabinet. With tracking and organization made easier, your business processes are speedier.

Improves Document Accuracy

When you use an electronic document signature software, mandatory fields can be enabled. This means that you don’t have to worry about you or your client missing one significant page that needed to be signed.

As opposed to using papers where there has to be frequent to and fro because of missing mandatory fields, you can be confident that all the required pages have been signed.

Enhance Customer Service

With digital signature software, you enhance customer service and relationships. Most, if not all, of your customers, have a mobile device. It makes the process easier for them if they can sign digitally and send it to you. They are happier about your service and method of operation just because you’ve made one vital procedure easier for them.

Save Time and Money

Getting a digital signature software is an essential step in becoming 100% paperless. This means you save costs on paper, ink, printers, shipping, and maintenance. You will also be saving time that you would have spent on printing, waiting for your clients to sign and return the documents, etc.

Save time & money

You also save much more time when a document requires multiple signees. The software automatically forwards to the next signee until the process is complete. In the end, you make your sales cycle quicker and get paid faster.

High-Security Measures

Each signature done with a digital signature software has a tamper-evident seal, which makes it authentic and verifiable. This also means that if any document is altered after signing, you are immediately alerted to the alteration. You can easily track every log of activity and time stamp on a document with the software.  To verify their identity and signature, each signee may have a pin, code, or password.

Secure digital signature software encrypts each signature and document with high cybersecurity measures. This makes it hard for even hackers to make any alterations or steal information without your knowledge.

Digital signature software requirements or principles include authentication, integrity, non-repudiation, and confidentiality. All of which ensure security and would be easily compromisable with wet signatures.

Difference Between Digital and Electronic Signature

Digital and electronic signature are two terms that are often used interchangeably. However, they mean different things. An electronic signature is mainly used to sign documents easily by using your finger or mouse to trace over your handwritten signature on a document. The security of an electronic signature software is, therefore, rarely ensured.

digital vs electronic signature
Signing document with electronic signature

A digital signature, on the other hand, is particular about security and authenticity. Each digital signature has a digital certificate that is authorized and regulated by a certification authority. With this digital certificate, the identity of the author can always be verified. Unlike electronic signatures, digital signatures have tamper evidence seals, which makes it near impossible to tamper with.

You can always count on a digital signature software to secure your documents and make your organizational processes easier. If you haven’t already gotten one, then you should. It is the most progressive way to run your organization.

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