Parley Pro Team Welcomes Graham

Parley Pro Welcomes Graham!

Why Parley Pro?

I am passionate about automation in the workflow management space. Parley Pro addresses a very vital part of the contract lifecycle management workflow and I’m excited to be a part of the innovation!

Fun Facts About Graham

I have taught myself how to make smoked barbecue meats due to a lack of barbecue in the North East. My spirit animal is a cheetah because they move fast and are efficient in the pursuit of their goals.

What If Animals Could Talk?

If animals could talk, I would ask what the hardest part of their day is! I would choose to have a conversation with a dolphin because of their intelligence.

Did You Know?

If I were stranded on an island and could only take three items with me, I would take a hammer with nails (to build), fishing rod (to catch food), and a hammock (because everyone needs one on a tropical island).

About Parley Pro

Parley Pro helps businesses get more from their contracts by transforming them into strategic, digital assets — giving them the tools to create, negotiate, manage, automate, and optimize contracts to streamline business objectives, maximize revenue and reduce risk.

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