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COVID-19 RELIEF: We’re helping businesses in need. Learn more →

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All things you need to know about modern contract management

Parley Pro Welcomes Mike!

I chose Parley Pro because I believe we have a fantastic product that solves a real problem in the market and the right team to execute the go to market strategy. I also appreciate the work ...
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Parley Pro Welcomes Jordan!

I have a personal love for technology and the innovation it brings.
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Parley Pro Welcomes Neemesh!

The intersection between law and technology has always been fascinating to me. With my prior tech background before law school, it was a great fit to combine both my love of the law and ...
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Parley Pro Welcomes Marcy!

Before hearing about Parley Pro, I thought contract negotiation was all about back-and-forth emails between attorneys with different colored fonts. Confusing and inefficient. There must be ...
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Parley Pro Welcomes James!

I've always believed that the practice of law could drastically improve by integrating more technology into its processes. Too many businesses spend too much on too little service and ...
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3 Easy Wins to Elevate Your Tech Competence with Contract Management Software

Using contract management software (CMS) gives you a leg up in analyzing increasingly complex business environments. Like a surgeon’s scalpel or laparoscopic lens, it’s a powerful tool that ...
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Are Your Skills Holding You Back? 5 Surprising Ways CMS Can Advance Your Legal Career

Whether you are at a law firm or legal department, legal tech — and specifically Contract Management Software (CMS) — helps create that alignment. Here are five skills that CMS enhances ...
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Modernize Your Contract Negotiation Process

Doing things the old-fashioned way isn’t just slow, inefficient, and annoying. It’s harmful to your business.
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Work Smarter With the Right Contract Management Software

Five ways contract management software (CMS) improves clarity, efficiency and scalability while offering the continued improvement lawyers need to conquer the final frontier of contract ...
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“Social Distancing”: Building a Productive Team Remotely

Three actions you can help make it a much more positive and productive experience as your team works remotely.
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General Counsel Advising in Unfamiliar Areas—Collaboration is Key

How to build a contract environment conducive to collaboration.
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Considerations For Implementing A Contract Management Solution

Contract management solutions are technology, and they change the way you manage people and processes in your department.
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