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2020 Emerging Legal Technologies

Parley Pro is excited to announce that The National Law Journal (NLJ) has recognized our company as an Honoree in the 2020 edition of Emerging Legal Technologies! This is a special supplement developed by the business arm of The National Law Journal dedicated to highlighting leading technology companies that are changing the way that law firms and legal departments operate. This year Parley Pro’s unique software is recognized as an agent of change helping to improve the efficiency of everyday tasks for attorneys and administrators for several key reasons. 

First, Parley Pro streamlines the contract negotiation process and effectively replaces email attachments and redlines with an automated easy-to-use workflow. This helps to speed up the contract process by eliminating the need to go through long email threads to review changes at various steps. 

Next, Parley Pro’s proactive system emails notifications for specific milestones and deadlines. Aiding users by providing gentle reminders to remaining within original timelines and allowing parties to make changes when needed. 

Lastly, Parley Pro’s analytics component allows users to report on nonstandard terms, renewals and other contract methods in real-time providing users with a highly collaborative experience. Parley Pro is eliminating the need for spreadsheets and other team management systems because while using the platform everyone can be in the same place and negotiate together online and keep track of various changes

Overall, NLJ features Parley Pro’s pioneering online negotiation technology because the software shortens contract cycle times, increases positive outcomes, and improves relationships among stakeholders. We at Parley Pro proudly accept this honor as an indication that our team is working in the right direction, and that is the direction is generating real change in the legal industry. 

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