3 Opportunities that Arise Only When You Integrate CLM Software with Salesforce

3 Opportunities that Arise Only When You Integrate CLM Software with Salesforce

It may seem like a simple action. Yet, integrating Salesforce and Parley Pro delivers powerful results, allowing you to connect and illuminate all your sales contracting processes.

parley pro and salesforce integration

The integration of these two modern tools brings about long-desired results for those who are familiar with traditional sales contracting headaches such as:

  • Your sales reps create and edit contracts using Word and email. They e-sign the contracts using a separate app. 
  • They struggle to piece together the information they need for contracts. Sometimes they delete or add terms and conditions without consulting the legal team.
  • They may drop executed contracts into an online folder or send them to an administrator, client manager, or someone else to store.
  • As months and years pass, sales staff waste a ton of time and effort trying to locate the most recent customer contracts.
  • Your legal team rarely sees a customer contract—until a costly legal issue rears its ugly head.

Unfortunately, disjointed and untraceable sales contract processes result in more than just headaches. The inevitable errors and inconsistencies expose companies to increased legal and business risks and potential revenue loss. Communication voids rise up to suck profitable sales opportunities into the darkness.

The inevitable errors and inconsistencies expose companies to increased legal and business risks and potential revenue loss

We developed the Parley Pro Salesforce App to tackle these issues at their source. With bidirectional capabilities to enlighten and improve both your sales and your contracting processes, the app helps sales teams accelerate time-to-value in sales cycles, reduce risks, and ensure customers experience superior service. Don’t miss out on the following three opportunities you can only get by integrating Parley Pro and Salesforce.

Opportunity 1: Automate and simplify the contract creation process to accelerate sales and increase sales productivity

Automation is the key to efficiency. With the Parley Pro Salesforce App, legal and sales teams can automate contract creation processes. Sales reps follow on-screen prompts to build customer contracts without leaving the Salesforce interface.

salesforce and parley pro integration
Salesforce interface

Using PP’s Salesforce App, the contract request process becomes a seamless, one-touch activity. The app pulls customer data directly from Salesforce and adds it to contracts… While still working within Salesforce, sales reps can:

  • send draft contracts to customers for review, edits, and signature
  • receive automated alerts regarding review, negotiation, and signature activities
  • track the current status of any contract

You free up significant amounts of your sales team’s time. They can then focus on finding and reaching out to new prospects and delivering the most efficient customer service possible.

Opportunity 2: Rely on interoperable functionalities to significantly reduce legal and business risks

Parley Pro and Salesforce work together in several ways to reduce overall risk. Parley Pro is like a behind-the-scenes assistant, tracking and alerting sales reps working in Salesforce of all major contract dates, expirations, renewals, and upcoming obligations. It leaves no cracks for anything to slip through.

salesforce mobile icon

Contracts are generated from templates that have been developed by the legal team to deliver optimal results. With pre-approved contract templates, sales staff can create contracts whenever they need to, while the legal team has ensured that the templates contain the most effective legal language. Plus, legal teams construct templates that incorporate Salesforce fields, so the system populates contracts using real-time Salesforce data. Pulling data directly from Salesforce ensures contracts include accurate and up-to-date information.

Timely alerts, pre-approved contract templates, and the use of the most accurate and up-to-date information combine to significantly reduce the opportunities for compliance, legal, and business risks to arise.

Opportunity 3: Enhance overall visibility to improve business relationship management

Companies may enter into and manage hundreds or thousands of contracts. Each contract represents a business relationship—or at least a facet of a relationship. But team members can not form a complete, real-time view of customer relationships when contracts and customer details are locked away in siloed systems. You need an integrated system that tracks relationships and manages data to keep up with and nurture contractual relationships.

improve business relationship management

With the Parley Pro Salesforce App, you give all your company representatives the visibility they need to remain on top of events and connected to customers throughout the entire relationship. Management teams know exactly when it’s the right time to reach out to customers, who will then feel appropriately cared for. With one-click access to customer information, reps can answer questions and resolve issues quickly. Sales and management teams can provide the type of superior customer service that makes your organization stand out in today’s fast-moving world.

Automate and streamline sales with a Parley Pro and Salesforce integration

The Parley Pro Salesforce App allows employees to work more quickly and efficiently. Sales reps spend less time sorting through files hunting for information, blundering through legal terminology, and potentially dropping the ball on important deals. Instead, they have more time to focus on making sales. Deals get closed faster when contracts can be sent in the minutes following verbal agreement.

integrate salesforce with Parley Pro

Customers are happier when your company knows how to nurture relationships effectively. Don’t wait to take advantage of these three opportunities and see how the Parley Pro Salesforce App can work for you!

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