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Assessing the True Value of the Evolving Remote Lawyer

As technologies change how lawyers work, the thinking behind how to assess the value of lawyers’ contributions must also evolve.

Where are our tell-tale “office lights” in today’s remote work environment? How do we know who’s chained to their desk, burning the midnight oil?

Assessing the value of the work of a lawyer

The better question is: Why do we need to? Does rewarding lawyers who work and bill a lot of hours—regardless of what they actually accomplish—even make sense? 

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Despite the adage that “time is money,” lawyers contribute to the success of law firms and legal department in other important ways. We must modernize the lens through which we assess the value of legal work or risk missing out on it altogether when underappreciated lawyers leave for more perceptive pastures. 

Law firm work-at-home flexibilities during the pandemic have shown that we don’t need to chain lawyers to their desks and make them sweat under soul-draining fluorescent office lights to gain value. Olga V. Mack, CEO of Parley Pro, has recently written Assessing the True Value of the Evolving Remote Lawyer. In this white paper, she shares with Bloomberg Law why law firms should continue to give attorneys upgraded technology to reduce time spent on droll, time-consuming tasks like document review and contract management activities that burn through hours without delivering much value.

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