Contract Management Software for Confident Data Privacy

Complying with CCPA: Contract Management Software for Confident Data Privacy

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), effective January 1, 2020, creates new data privacy requirements for how businesses handle the personal information of consumers. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) already encouraged many companies to prioritize data privacy. Yet, research by Forrester found that very few leaders have “complete confidence” in their organization’s ongoing ability to comply with emerging local and global data privacy regulations. 

California Consumer Privacy Act

Uncertainty lingers around how to establish data privacy compliance. Decision-makers also ask “How do we comply with any one regulation with so many changes happening so quickly?”

Parley Pro can help. Parley Pro Contract Management Software (CMS) gives you a scalable approach to meeting heightened local, state, and global data privacy expectations. We’ll show you how, starting with the steps every organization needs to take to ensure their contracts comply with CCPA as outlined in the article What to Do About CCPA: Your First 3 Steps to Data Privacy Compliance.

Step 1: Improve visibility and accelerate contract review to find where CCPA applies.

Your first goal is to identify all third parties that receive personal information from your organization. This requires reviewing all your contracts with vendors, service providers, and other third parties, whether they are in Parley Pro, another CMS platform, file cabinets, or another location, with the aim to locate and evaluate clauses concerning the collection, use, or sale of private data. 

Data Privacy protection Policy Technology

The trouble is, those details could be located anywhere in a contract. And they could be described in many different ways using various words and phrases. Manual review could take days, weeks, even months. And it is an exhausting, error-prone process. 

Parley Pro deepens visibility and speeds review. AI understands concepts and ideas, and cause and effect, based on contract language. It can automatically alert you to clauses that trigger data privacy issues, so you know in minutes, not days, which contracts are at risk under CCPA. 

Step 2:  Streamline creation and negotiation of amended legal contracts to address CCPA requirements.

The next step is to update your contract language to ensure all agreements address CCPA requirements. (See What to Do About CCPA: Your First 3 Steps to Data Privacy Compliance for language suggestions.) This involves (1) amending existing contracts with the businesses identified in Step 1 and (2) revising standard contract templates.

legal contract

For fast, secure real-time multi-party collaboration, use Parley Pro to discuss contract amendments with third parties. All stakeholders easily identify suggested changes, which keeps the focus on the key issues to be resolved. You gain full control of comment and change visibility and capture all related communications in one place.

Revising templates in Parley Pro is also super simple. Make the update in just one place, and Parley Pro automatically populates the change throughout your entire body of templates wherever applicable.

Step 3:  Automate contract approval acquisition.

Parley Pro automates and oversees the e-signature process. It notifies parties when signatures are needed and ensures all I’s are dotted and every t is crossed in each required location.

the man approving the contract

Easily track the entire e-signature progress through an interactive dashboard. And feel confident knowing the system creates a defensible audit trail that shows who formally reviewed, approved, and signed the agreement and when. 

Contract management software for scalable, sustained CCPA and data privacy compliance.

Using Parley Pro to complete these steps creates easier, more streamlined contracting experiences with outside parties, which builds trust that results in stronger business relationships. Consumer trust in your organization is also enhanced because you lessen the chances that your organization’s name will appear in disparaging headlines about data breaches. 

These three steps aren’t the only ones you may need to take to ensure complete CCPA compliance. But they are arguably the most important because they lay a solid foundation for committing to a holistic data privacy program that truly protects your organization. Automation and streamlined workflows are powerful launching pads for scalable compliance strategies. Parley Pro gives you the control you need over your contracts to safely guide your organization through CCPA and any future data privacy requirements. 

DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice. Parley Pro is not a law firm and cannot provide advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms, or strategies.

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