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COVID-19 RELIEF: We’re helping businesses in need. Learn more →

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Considerations For Implementing A Contract Management Solution

Contract management solutions are technology, and they change the way you manage people and processes in your department.
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In-House Departments Lead Legal Innovation

Technology presents opportunities for us to have a greater impact and engage in more exciting work that we enjoy doing together.
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How To Navigate The Shades Of Collaboration Conversations

A lot of substance is lost when buzzwords are thrown around.
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Simplify CCPA Compliance in Service Provider Contracts with Contract Management Software

Parley Pro Contract Management Software (CMS) allows you to organize, analyze, and monitor your contracts in ways that simplify CCPA compliance now and ease data privacy compliance in the ...
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Did Your Law School Prepare You For The Coronavirus?

In-house lawyers are uniquely positioned to lead companies through coronavirus and another unexpected challenges. Top five ways that in-house counsel are planning to help their companies ...
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Parley Pro Shares the Insights with Legal 500

Today, legal departments are increasingly asked to do more with less. To do so, many have leveraged the potential of certain twenty-first century tools to get those results.
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Parley Pro Join LexLab at UC Hastings Law

Parley Pro joins LexLab at UC Hastings Law, an innovation hub for emerging legal technologies that today announced its Spring 2020 cohort of legal tech startups.
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Complying with CCPA: Contract Management Software for Confident Data Privacy

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), effective January 1, 2020, creates new data privacy requirements for how businesses handle the personal information of consumers. The EU’s ...
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Contract Negotiations: Don’t Hate. Collaborate!

Olga V. Mack, CEO of Parley Pro, has recently written Contract Negotiations: Don't Hate. Collaborate!. In this white paper, she shares with High Performance Counsel how to take control of ...
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Considerations for Implementing a Contract Management Solution

Remember that people who implemented your contract management solution tend to be a little bit more technically savvy. It is up to them to bring everybody on along for the ride.
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From Ordinary GC to Badass Business Leader

Olga V. Mack, CEO of Parley Pro, has recently written 5 Contract Management Strategies to Go From Ordinary GC to Badass Business Leader. In this white paper, she shares with High ...
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Growing Contract Management Space: What It Can Offer to Your Department

Contracts are important. Money may be the blood of a business, but contracts are the bones. If you think about a company, underlying almost every asset or every important relationship is a ...
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