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COVID-19 RELIEF: We’re helping businesses in need. Learn more →

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Parley Pro Names Olga V. Mack President, CEO and Chairperson

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Parley Pro today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Olga V. Mack as President, Chief Executive ...
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How to Accelerate Legal Contract Review and Reduce Risk

Straightforward ways you can streamline legal contract review, speed up contract cycles, and reduce contract risk in the process.
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Part 3: The Future of Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations involve making critical decisions that ultimately impact a company’s health. These decisions lay the groundwork for potential exposure to risks and liabilities as well ...
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Part 2: The Benefits of Technology-Enabled Contract Negotiations

Negotiation-focused contract management software like Parley Pro improves your contract negotiation strategies and unleashes competitive advantages in ways you may never have suspected. ...
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Part 1: The Fundamentals of Collaborative Contract Negotiation

Unlocking More Profitable Business Relationships with Contract Automation Software For too long, business leaders have taken an adversarial approach to contract negotiations. Each side ...
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How to Close Contracts Faster with Real-Time Negotiation

You’ve finally written what you think is the ideal contract. Your legal team has pored over it. Your CEO has signed off on it. Everything looks good — until it’s time to send it in. Now ...
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Welcoming Negotiation Expert Keld Jensen to our Advisory Board

Here at Parley Pro we’re constantly looking for opportunities to enhance our Leadership Team and Board of Advisors with people who have a unique and cutting- edge approach to solving legacy ...
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Parley Pro Named One of the 10 Best Legal Tech Solution Providers By MyTechMag

It’s only May but it’s already been an incredibly busy year here at Parley Pro. We’ve rolled out several new product features, refreshed our UX to make it even more intuitive, onboarded new ...
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The 3 Must-Have Traits of Modern Contract Management Software

As recently as five years ago, companies could debate whether or not to use contract management software. That’s not the case today. Instead, the question has shifted to which contract ...
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The Non-Negotiables of Contract Automation

Tools for managing contracts and contracting processes have existed for decades. Traditional contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems were aimed at digitizing existing processes, while ...
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3 Head-Smacking ‘Track Changes’ Contract Errors

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Word transformed how people create and edit content. However, Word is not always ideal for contract negotiation and multi-party collaboration, especially ...
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3 Hidden Contract Factors that Impact Revenue

Contracts govern the flow of an organization’s finances. Whether they are with clients, vendors, employees, or business partners, contract terms determine a great deal about the money ...
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