The essential guide to Contract Management featuring tips, how-to’s and helpful industry content.

Economics of Innovation

There is an inherent flaw in the conventional outsourcing business model. It leads to higher risk contracts for the buying organization, and drive for predictable profits by the selling ...

T-Shaped Legal Department

In this presentation, we talk about what it means to be a T-Shaped Legal Department, how to get there, and what your priorities should be right now!

Reinventing Negotiation

Why don’t more businesses work together, for mutual benefit? Why don’t politicians share great ideas and support each other for the common good, instead of constantly battling?

Shooting for the Moon

Learn more about legal innovation, its value, and the best practices within his respective industry.

Programming Your Contracts

It’s amazing how much of a technology investment can lose value when people fail to use it fully or worse yet when they stop using it.

Sales and Legal: A Love Story

Sales and legal teams should be two peas in a pod driving business forward and enjoying the journey each step of the way. Yet, how many times have you been frustrated with your sales team? 

The New Digital Normal: Working Online Together

Join us for an in-depth discussion from distinguished general counsel on how their organizations are re-thinking and how they re-engineer processes to optimize organizational functions, ...

Webinar: Negotiation Fundamentals with Sharon Zezima

This webinar is a good primer for anyone interested in understanding the foundations for a successful negotiation. We will review the types and styles of negotiations as well as some good ...