How to Leverage Your Legal Contract Management Software

6 Steps to Leverage Your Legal Contract Management Software

Contract management software for legal departments automates and simplifies the start-to-finish process of legal contracts.

Contracts are the very basis of all commerce, and by using legal contract tracking software you and your team can avoid many if not all of the common issues that arise from manual signing and contract management.

The CLM tool will be a useful tool to simplify legal contracting.
The CLM tool is a useful solution to simplify legal contracting.

Using contract management software for in-house counsel is important, yet you and your legal team must know how to leverage the tool properly in order to get all the benefits.

Contract Management Software for Legal Teams

Legal contract software management can be difficult to introduce and implement to your teams; the tools can seem complex, and many legal teams may not know how to use the software to the best of their capabilities.

Leveraging your legal contract lifecycle management software will result in the seamless creation, negotiation, and signing of contracts. The better you and your team are able to utilize your software, the better the contract process will be.

Digitalization eliminates paperwork
Digitalization replaces mountains of paper.

Most importantly, your legal team can save both time and money just by using legal contract software management; this will also result in a much better experience for your customers and the people you serve.

Here are the key steps to leveraging your legal contract tracking software.

Contract Requests & Approvals

Contract management software for in house counsel makes it easy for team members to view and manage various contract requests and approvals.

Legal contracts can be successfully signed via CMS
Sign legal contracts remotely with a contract management system.

As opposed to paper documents, your legal software will provide you and your legal team with a user-friendly interface where you can get an overview of all your contracts and highlight those that require action (such as to request or approval).

This tool is by far one of the best features of any legal contract tracking tool.

Assembly Automation

The best contract lifecycle management software programs will make the assembly process for legal documents fast and painless.

Software solves many of the issues that arise during manual assembly for legal documents, most obvious being the amount of time it takes to print new contracts and templates.

Using the application, the assembly of legal documents is streamlined; contracts can be created quickly and easily, and various elements of the creation process will be done for you.

Automate your legal documents assembly processes easily
Automate your legal documents assembly processes in a couple of clicks.

This will ensure nothing is missed and completely eliminates the need to spend precious time assembling contracts.

Making use of this tool is a great way to leverage your contract management system.

Collaboration & Version Control

The software makes collaboration simple, and this is especially true for legal contract management software.

No longer does your team have to handle documents personally; signing is only an email away, and your entire legal team can all collaborate on contracts without the need to be in the same room.

Version control is also key; by using legal contract tracking software you will never again face the timeless problem of accidentally saving over a contract, or searching through various files to locate the most up-to-date version of a contract.

Work on documents together remotely
Stop sending the document to each other – work on it together, at the same time!

You and your team can edit contracts as you please without the worry that you’ll make a non-fixable mistake – you will have access to all previous versions of a contract, dating as far back as you’d like.

Data Analysis

Another great use of contract management solutions for legal purposes has to do with data analysis.

Using the software, your legal team has permanent access to data analysis, including the fulfillment of various contract obligations; each team member will have a personalized dashboard that informs them of exactly what is required of them and the date by which it must be done.

Compliance & Auditing Contract Management

The best contract lifecycle management software programs will improve compliance significantly, as well as the auditing process.

Simplify the audit process with contract management software
Simplify the audit process.

Compliance issues can affect your bottom line and damage relationships with your customers; contract management software provides your team with advanced compliance and auditing tools that eliminate many of these issues.

Leveraging these tools will make it easy for each team member to access their own set of instructions so as to adhere to their legal obligations.

Ad-hoc Reports

A good legal contract lifecycle management tool will allow for ad-hoc workflows to be defined and executed quickly and easily.

Legal contract management tool
Simplify legal reporting processes.

By leveraging this element of your legal software, you will eliminate a lot of the headache that comes with managing ad-hoc reports manually, creating a better experience for you and your team.

Why Legal Contract Tracking Software Is Essential

Implementing contract management tools in your legal office allows for a painless experience when it comes to drafting any type of legally-binding document, for both your team and the people you serve.

By minimizing common human errors and eliminating various manual processes, contract management software for legal teams saves both money and time which, as we know, is incredibly valuable in our line of work.

Remember, not all software is created equal; make sure to conduct proper research and read contract management software reviews before you and your legal team make a purchase.


In conclusion, leveraging legal contract management software can bring many benefits to businesses, but it requires a strategic approach. By assessing their needs and requirements, identifying key stakeholders and users, choosing the right software, planning and preparing for implementation, setting up and customizing the software, training their team, incorporating it into their workflow, monitoring and evaluating its performance, and continuously improving and optimizing it, businesses can ensure that they are getting the most out of their legal contract management software.

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