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Steps to Improve Your Contract Management Process

You can make your contract management process flawless by following some key points when entering agreements. An efficient end-to-end management process should implement automation and follow a flow from creation to closure.

If you take the time to perfect your process, you can benefit by minimizing mistakes, shorting life cycles, boosting profits, and strengthening relationships.

What difficulties do people face when using a manual contract management process?

People run into trouble when they attempt to manually manage their agreements, leading to mistakes and poorly crafted agreements. Difficulties such as creating ambiguous terms, losing track of different versions, missed deadlines, and more can make agreements unsuccessful.

Manual management processes produce costs that smart contract management or automation tools can mitigate because they limit the stages prone to human error.

manual contract management process difficulties

Many companies are automating their contract management process cycle in 2021 due to its proven effectiveness. Manually managing your agreements is becoming an obsolete practice because businesses have the technology to automate the processes leading to convenient and faster deal closing.

If your company wishes to keep up with its competitors, utilizing an intelligent end-to-end contract management process is necessary. 

What contract management process steps should you follow?

All business negotiations are finalized with a written contract. Therefore, they should manage them strategically to minimize risks and create beneficial relationships. As businesses grow, the number of deals they handle daily makes it imperative for the management process to save time instead of wasting it.

Follow these steps to ensure that your agreement process is flawlessly executed:

  1. Prepare the deal document by identifying your needs, goals, expectations, and risks.
  2. Begin drafting the agreement with the help of a template.
  3. Before finalizing the document, use contract review tools to check for mistakes.
  4. Use a management platform to negotiate the terms of the deal.
  5. Virtually sign the agreement using e-signature software.
  6. Keep track of edits and amendments to the document using a CLM software.
  7. Perform regular audits to ensure that obligations are met, and no opportunities are lost.
agreement process steps to follow

How can you make a contract management process cycle flawless?

Availability of pre-approved templates with clauses

Templates ensure that all information is updated and will autofill required clauses. A platform that includes pre-approved templates will speed up your agreement lifecycle and limit the number of costly errors made when drafting a deal.

Dynamic metadata for searchable organization and storage

An automated organization system ensures that you don’t send out the wrong version of a document and don’t lose any agreements you need. Software that includes a single repository with searchability will ensure that you never lose track of which version is up to date.

Enhanced analytics to measure and scale performance

Insight into the process allows you to figure out which stages need the most improvement and which workflows are the most efficient. An automation system will collect data on your agreements that you can use to scale performance and boost efficiency.

measure performance with enhanced analytics in clm platform

Flexibility of renewing and changing processes

Contracts are rarely stagnant throughout their lifecycle. This means it’s necessary to be able to make changes and renew them conveniently as needed.

However, when manually managing processes, changes are difficult to make since there are no real-time updates. A management solution will automatically update documents accordingly and notify parties of those changes.

Safe and secure delivery

When paper agreements are sent in the mail, they are vulnerable to getting lost or even stolen. Even computer documents are sometimes insecure if not created on a platform that takes the proper security measures to protect your confidential information.

A platform offers a safe way to send documents back and forth, minimizing the chance of leaked information.

Final thoughts

A flawless contract management process will boost your business’s performance levels, leading to increased revenue, better partner relationships, and more successful deal closures.

If you have experience in contract management, automating your processes will be an easy process that will pay off in the long run.

flawless contract management process will boost your business’s performance levels

Someone with contract management experience can look at the established management process and perfect it by implementing automation in places that need improvement. Your company will have a flawless process by following the contract management process steps and implementing an automation system.


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