The Future of Legal Innovation Will Be Built In by Design

Lambert, G. & Gebauer, M. (2022, September 8) The Future of Legal Innovation Will Be Built In By Design – Olga Mack (TGIR – Ep. 172). 3 Geeks and a Law Blog. ...
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5 Ways CLM Advances Digital Negotiation

That is why cloud-based Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems represent a paradigm shift. Contracts can now live entirely online, from assembly to completion. The counterparty can use ...
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Are Your Skills Holding You Back? 5 Surprising Ways CM Software (CMS) Can Advance Your Legal Career

Whether you are at a law firm or legal department, legal tech — and specifically Contract Management Software (CMS) — helps create that alignment. Here are five skills that CMS enhances ...
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Growing Contract Management Space: What It Can Offer to Your Department

Contracts are important. Money may be the blood of a business, but contracts are the bones. If you think about a company, underlying almost every asset or every important relationship is a ...
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