The Future of Legal Innovation Will Be Built In by Design

The Future of Legal Innovation Will Be Built In by Design

By Greg Lambert & Marlene Gebauer on September 8, 2022

When it comes to the future of legal innovation, Olga Mack of LexisNexis® Parley Pro® says, that as the legal industry becomes more focused on being a service, legal technology will just become part of the overall design of products and services. It will not stand alone as a separate process, but rather legal innovation will be built into products such HR tools for compliance processes, or Financial tools with technology that supports all of the necessary processes as well.

Olga Mack is the CEO of Parley Pro and recently led the company through an acquisition by LexisNexis. Olga points out that while she was not a founder of Parley Pro, she took her leadership role quite seriously especially during the pandemic. She points out that all startups go through a process of looking at their own futures and deciding, “Do we go public, do we get acquired, or do we die and file for bankruptcy?”

Her previous relationship with LexisNexis helped her understand the value that Lexis’ content would bring to Parley Pro, and she says that relationship is exactly what Parley Pro and its customers needed.

Olga has a strong reputation within the legal community. She insists that she wakes up each day and works to live up to it. It’s not a brand that she presents to the world, but rather her authentic self which she presents at webinars, conferences, and even in TEDx speeches.

In both an upcoming (early 2023) release of her ABA book, Visual IQ for Lawyers, and a soon-to-be-released TEDx talk (her third), Olga discussed adding visual aspect within documents and contracts. Companies such as Google and others are already using these visual processes in their contracts and it is a skill and concept that Olga thinks many lawyers currently lack.

“I think visual intelligence is not something you’re born with. It’s like reading, writing, and arguing. It’s something you learn, intentionally.” Mack continues, “This book will show the importance of visual intelligence in communications, and give frameworks and basic concepts so lawyers and legal professionals alike can benefit from visual communications.”

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