Why to modernize your contract negotiation process?

3 Reasons to Modernize Your Contract Negotiation Process

Over the past two decades, cloud technologies have completely transformed how we work. Expensive client-server applications such as CRM, ERP, Project Management, Collaboration, and many others gave way to nimble web-based apps with per-user pricing models and low or no up-front costs.

Tech update contract negotiation processes with Parley Pro Tool

So why is it that in the age of social and mobile web applications, we still negotiate contracts like it’s 1996? We still draft contracts in MS Word, email them to relevant stakeholders, collect everyone’s revisions, reconcile all revisions into a single document, email the updated version, and then more of the same.

a woman signs a contract after negotiation

As a result, companies struggle with long negotiation cycles, lack of visibility, and poor process control and compliance. Studies have found that companies are losing up to 9.2% of revenue due to poor contracting processes.

Parley Pro was created because we believe that it’s important for businesses to modernize their contract negotiation processes. Over the past twenty years, they were able to modernize sales management, enterprise resource planning, and other organizational workflows and processes, while contract negotiation processes remained stuck in the 1990’s.

So why do you need to modernize your contract negotiation process?


Today, contract negotiation requires a lot of manual, error-prone clerical work. Sifting through emails and reconciling everybody’s revisions into a single document takes up too much time and effort, resulting in longer negotiation cycles and a higher risk of losing the deal.

contract negotiation process requires error-prone work

Modernizing contract negotiation will allow your company to devote more high-value resources to core business functions and less to clerical work.


Today’s process makes it difficult to answer even basic questions. How long will it take for a particular contract to close? How much revenue are we going to book this month? What % of contracts include nonstandard terms? Who approved particular term customization or concession?

Once your company upgrades contract negotiation from last century processes to a modern platform, the information you need becomes easily accessible.

Contract negotiation control

How can you assure compliance and maintain a robust contracting process if your people still email static documents to each other and to third parties? Manually checking each contract and cataloging nonstandard terms, renewal dates, and other critical info is a nightmare.

contract on a paper

Adopting a robust cloud contract negotiation solution will allow you to easily define, enforce, and audit compliance with your company’s official contracting processes.

Parley Pro is cloud-based contract negotiation and management platform. Parley Pro makes contract review, negotiation, and management fast, simple, transparent, and collaborative.

About Parley Pro
Parley Pro helps businesses get more from their contracts by transforming them into strategic, digital assets — giving them the tools to create, negotiate, manage, automate, and optimize contracts to streamline business objectives, maximize revenue and reduce risk.

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