Real-time Collaborative
Contract Management

Experience a better contract management experience through real-time collaboration, smart automation, and clear contract visibility throughout the contract lifecycle. Schedule a live demo to see for yourself.

Contract Management Done Easier, Faster, Together

Collaborate on contracts and your end-to-end contract management lifecycle in one place with Parley Pro.
Every contract stakeholder clearly sees what is needed of them to move the process forward. Real-time collaboration and automation features streamline contract review, negotiation, editing, and approval. Every step is automatically reported along the way to provide clear insights on how the contracting process can be improved.

Error-Free Contracts Faster

Create error-free, compliant contracts in less time with contract templates, conditional logic, uploading 3rd-party contracts, or populating contracts with Salesforce data.

True Real-Time Collaboration

All contract participants can work simultaneously on the same contract, editing and commenting on every contract detail. See a audit trail of all changes since your last view.

Smart Contracting Automations

Improve efficiency and contract cycle time with built-in automations and 3rd party integrations for contract creation, routing, contract approval, and performance.

Actionable Contracting Insights

Gain complete visibility into your contracting process with real-time interactive dashboards configurable to your unique business. See status and performance at a glance.

Reap the Benefits of a Better Contracting Experience

Clear contract management visibility, time-saving automations and templates, and delightful contract collaboration pay off.

Productivity increase 40%


Error reduction 34%


Faster contract cycle time 37%

Faster contract
cycle time

Compliance improvement 55%


“Negotiating our contracts in real-time with Parley Pro is helping us close contracts much faster and creates a better experience for everyone.”

Andrew Wichern, General Counsel at
“We’ve been using Parley Pro for several months now and our contracting process feels aerodynamic -- a smooth process from beginning to end.”

Mark Peters, VP Sales at AnyChart
“We love Parley Pro dashboards. It shows us the big picture and lets me drill down into the details to find ways to improve.”

Ramon Rhymes, Principal at RedLine Solutions

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