How DragonPass Took a Direct Flight to More Efficient Business Development & Supplier Management

(While Consistently Maintaining
First-Class Customer Support)

DragonPass offers airline travelers fast access to convenient lounge, dining, limousine, pre- booking, and fast-track services at over 800 airports worldwide. More than 30 million members receive personalized airport services through a single app. DragonPass prides itself on being a technology-driven business, relying on digital channels to coordinate the delivery of premium services and exclusive offers and discounts from a broadening array of suppliers including over 1,100 lounges, 2,000+ restaurants, and more than 100 spas.

Providing high-end services requires meticulous planning to guarantee consistent, trouble- free delivery.

There can be no surprises. DragonPass customers expect unwavering, seamless service. To remain competitive, the DragonPass team must also develop new innovative options to keep their growing number of customers constantly connected and increasingly delighted in an ever-changing world.






Airport spa
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in 370 + terminals

in 220 airports
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The Challenge

The need for effective supplier management on an increasing scale

DragonPass manages hundreds of lounge supplier contracts. Because contracts clarify the products and services supplied to DragonPass customers, they are a key source of business intelligence.

When DragonPass leaders manage contracts, they are effectively managing the entire business. As Robert Adams, from DragonPass’s Lounge & Airline Partnerships Team explains, the group needs much greater visibility into their contract portfolio than they have now.

Our contracts contain important business data. We need that information at our fingertips to gain timely insights that will help us operate and expand our business while managing risks“

DragonPass’s global business requires modern contract management software that will grow with them as they increase engagements with a wider variety of suppliers. To keep business flowing smoothly, managers need to obtain contract approval signatures from multiple parties in internal departments as well as from suppliers around the world. Prior to the introduction of Parley Pro, they struggled with version control issues including the inability to determine which contract version was the most recent and if it was signed properly.

The need for modern contracting tools for the daily management of a fast-expanding service company

Tracking contract expiration dates, renewal options, and nonstandard clauses such as alternative payment terms were a major challenge. Contracts could expire without internal visibility or enough time to act. Difficulty monitoring nonstandard clauses also presented a myriad of uncertainties and risk.

One person was cutting and pasting contract provisions into an Excel spreadsheet. But Microsoft Office and other manual approaches fell short, and the stakes were high. Complications could arise if managers failed to notice when major contracts needed internal action to renew.

We cannot have a spurned traveler’s complaint be our first indication that a contract with a lounge has expired. Our livelihood hinges on having a reliable system to ensure we are aware well in advance every time a contract needs renewed “

Our solution

Our solution

We were impressed with the flexibility of the Parley Pro platform itself...

DragonPass investigated several contract management software providers. They considered features each department might need and presented options internally in several trial sessions. Only Parley Pro had the digital signing function, the calendar system, the automatic renewal notifications, and the customizability they needed.

Custom Automated Notifications

DragonPass now relies extensively on customized, automated reminders to ensure they act whenever needed, such as when non-renewable contracts are close to expiring. The system notifies relevant departments one to two weeks in advance of required actions. Or, a manager receives an email notification who then assigns tasks to the appropriate team members.

It’s a relief to set the criteria to ensure I receive notice prior to a non-renewal. I can relax knowing I’ll have plenty of time to plan our actions in advance “

Tracking expiring contractions, renewals, and nonstandard clauses

Managing executed agreements in Parley Pro also allows DragonPass to stay on top of expiring contracts, renewals, and nonstandard clauses. In addition to automated reminders, interactive dashboards enhance visibility into their contract portfolio and contract lifecycles. Managers can see the status of any contract at a glance. Tracking contract terms, milestones, and key performance indicators empowers the team with greater insights.

We can filter the contracts that will expire within the next 30-90 days and find those that will renew. If any nonstandard terms require additional considerations, we know we've got a solid platform in Parley Pro to manage it “

Establishing reliable processes to distribute work

Parley Pro helped DragonPass managers set up workflows for reliably distributing responsibilities and managing workloads. The insights they gain through greater visibility continue to help leaders forecast upcoming months and plan the distribution of tasks accordingly.

Parley Pro keeps us up to date in our day-to-day operations. The dashboard and automatic notifications help us manage supplier services and distribute tasks among team members, so we always act timely. We see upcoming events with plenty of time to shape our actions accordingly. “

Custom Tags & Data Visualization

Custom tags allow managers to set criteria for locating contracts based on agreement type, the service operator involved, regions, airports, termination dates, and other factors.

We can now be highly detailed in specifying regions where lounges are located or names of local suppliers. We can filter by a custom tag to find all the contracts that apply for a lounge or an operator. It's quite useful to see if multiple lounges are under the same operator in a visual graph. Data visualization is also very helpful for tracking the progress of our growth over time.

We were impressed with the flexibility of the Parley Pro platform itself, but even more so with the accommodating nature of Parley Pro representatives. They asked the right questions and listened to what we said we needed to accomplish to ultimately tailor our system to meet the exact needs of DragonPass.

Their efforts helped setup and roll-out go smoothly. We had then, and continue to have now, all the assistance we need for complete and reliable tracking and management of contracts.



We are 100% sure that no contracts will fall through the cracks...

With Parley Pro’s easy-to-use features, the DragonPass team gains the time and insights it needs to continuously discover new ways to improve their services. DragonPass is on a non- stop flight toward greater success, and they can rely on Parley Pro to keep the winds blowing in their favor.

Relying on a trusted tracking system

Parley Pro is much more thorough, accurate, and timely in its tracking and automated notification of expiration dates, renewals, and nonstandard clauses. Tags add another layer to speed and expand search capabilities. At-a-glance status tracking eliminates confusion about contract versions. Parley Pro also tracks and obtains contract approvals and moves contracts into eSignature to ensure agreements are executed properly.

Parley Pro gives you peace of mind. We are 100% sure that no contracts will fall through the cracks “

Relying on a trusted system of engagement

Managers and team members engage with each other more through the Parley Pro platform. The lines of communication are opened at critical junctures through automated reminders that initiate collaboration. Teams synchronize their workloads and avoid missing renewals. Managers assign tasks and track the progress of their completion via intuitive features and dashboards.

We know tasks are being taken care of and what each team member is responsible for. Parley Pro facilitates team communication, saves time, increases productivity, and allows us to focus more on what matters.

Operationalizing the business intelligence hidden in contracts

DragonPass has gained greater cross-department visibility. Customizable dashboards give leaders in the finance and legal departments an immediate overview of the company’s health. They can see the progress of contract negotiations and the status of renewals and expirations. They can track milestones and key performance indicators that reveal how contracts are performing. And they can derive actionable insights that help them run more efficient, nimbler, and streamlined operations.

Access to the substantive information in contracts gives us a leg up. We can see what’s ahead, so we can adjust to stay nimble. Parley Pro gives us real business insights to make our decisions and actions more informed, intentional, proactive, and strategic.

2-3x faster customer service

Team members often need to answer customer questions about things like lounge opening hours or access conditions for children. In the past, managers would have to first locate the appropriate contract, then search through its text to get that information. Now, it’s a cinch to locate these details within Parley Pro.

We give customers answers they need 2-3x faster. It’s so quick and easy that we can stay on the line with them as we find information, rather than putting them on hold, which nobody likes. We are much more efficient and streamlined.

Skilled personnel move into more productive, impactful roles

Free from time-consuming, burdensome tasks, skilled personnel are moving into more productive and impactful roles. Rather than being tied down to tracking renewals, team members are more attuned to customer needs. Rather than updating spreadsheets all day, they focus on setting up more privileges and amenities for airport travelers. The person who used to cut and paste provisions into Excel is now recruiting and onboarding new suppliers.

We have more time to be strategic and build the business intentionally. Employees are happier, too, engaging in more productive activities at more rewarding positions

More intentional business development

As the company seeks to expand lounge coverage in South America and North America, it helps to have additional resources freed up. The Business Development team has more time to reach out to potential new suppliers. They are empowered to onboard new business partners quickly and efficiently.

We’re nurturing more productive relationships with suppliers, and it’s because Parley Pro helps us stay on the ball. We can plan ahead, focus on upcoming renewals, and take actions needed to maintain healthy relationships with the companies who serve our customers.

Robert says these solutions benefit operations from the top to the bottom of the business, from end to end.
Parley Pro has already helped us expand our lounge coverage. And happier team members are now helping to implement more proactive business development strategies.

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