Modern Contract Lifecycle Management Software for Legal Teams

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Best-in-class contract automation platform powered by smart, real-time collaboration

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Corporate Legal

Corporate Legal

  • Focus on high-value work
  • Automate mundane tasks
  • Simultaneously collaborate internally and externally
  • Empower business to 'self-serve'
  • Provide actionable real-time data insights
  • Analyze contracts with unlimited dimensions
  • Become the champion of your organization
Legal Operations

Legal Operations

  • Remove unnecessary friction between legal operations and business departments
  • Centralize all contracts in one secure repository
  • Provide legal complete visibility into contracts
  • Leverage actionable data to improve your contracting process
  • Integrate Contract Management solution into your existing systems
Law Firms

Law Firms

  • Automate collaboration with customers to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Enable your customers to close contracts faster
  • Manage contract risk through real-time visibility and alerting
  • Reduce errors, improve compliance, creates more win-win outcome
  • Delight customers by creating more win-win outcome

Reduce cycle times

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Legal Operations


Automate your entire contract lifecycle with contract workflows
Legal Operations

Issues detection

Pinpoint critical issues for early discussion
Legal Operations


Collaborate in real-time to drive faster, more efficient contracts

Experience the Parley Pro Difference

Schedule a demo of Parley Pro to see how you can provide a better contract experience for your team and your partners.
Gives you a seat at the table

Gives you a seat at the table

Impact your organization with real-time, actionable data and insights
Gives you a seat at the table

Closes deals faster and cost-effectively

Automates routine, admin tasks, decrease costs, and realize contract benefits faster.
Gives you a seat at the table

Leads to higher-quality contracts

Reduce errors, improves compliance, and creates more win-win outcomes.
Gives you a seat at the table

Transforms you into asset creator and manager

Equip you to manage contracts’ value and risk at scale and systematically.
Gives you a seat at the table

Improves your relationships with partners

Increase transparency and build trust that results in stronger relationships.
Gives you a seat at the table

Articulates your department’s value

Track and generate information relevant to your business