Contract Management Planning: A Four-Step Guide to Improving Contracting Processes and Technology Adoption

This white paper will introduce you to the concept of the Contract Management Planning (CMP) and will define what CMP is exactly, and how it is a business-driven (rather than a technology-driven) process.

This white paper will help empower buyers of legal technology, not just to make more informed CLM purchases, but also to become more visible leaders and drivers of change.

Mostly, though, this white paper will discuss how to proceed deliberately and with confidence through four key steps to building CMP:

  1. Set CMP’s goals and strategies
  2. Articulate the value of CLM technology
  3. Assemble your CMP team
  4. Identify CMP’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Enable true collaboration, unprecedented automation, and transparency

Adding LexisNexis® Parley Pro® to LexisNexis® CounselLink® Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solution feeds valuable insights directly into contract workflows, significantly reducing the risk to organizations and the burden on legal departments by enabling them to draft better contracts faster.

Parley Pro is a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution built to improve efficiency and provide powerful decision-making data.


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    Real-Time Collaboration

    With Parley Pro’s patented, real-time, online, and collaborative review and negotiation capabilities, all stakeholders can edit, comment, and review documents simultaneously.

    Don’t Wait—Automate

    Improve visibility and control over your contracts with best-in-class contract automation and workflow tools. Automate routine tasks, boost efficiency, and accelerate the contract cycle.

    Actionable Analytics

    Interactive custom analytics dashboards provide complete visibility into your contract portfolio. Easily see contract status and key performance indicators to help your team make data-driven decisions.