olga v mack

Contract Design of Tomorrow: Comparing the Contracts of Innovators

The world of business is changing rapidly. And, of course, contracts are changing as well. As a result, modern contracts are increasingly written in plain English and utilize design elements to help contract readers, to improve their relationship with contracts.

In this webinar, ParleyPro® CEO, Olga V. Mack, shared key design elements used by Apple and Google to create user-friendly contracts. She also highlighted five key design practices to make your contracts better.

In this discussion, you will:

  • Review Apple and Google examples of contract design to understand how design is changing the presentation of contracts for the better.
  • Learn consumer-friendly visual elements and simplified text to help guide users’ eyes to quickly find important information.
  • Discover how to transition from old-school contracting to creating a clear and helpful file. Make your contracts read like helpful blog posts and avoid “legal voodoo” using simple language.

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