Contract Redlining Deep Dive: What to Say in the Comments

Did you ever stop and think about what to say in the comments that accompany your contract redlines? How much information should you include? How long should they be? What happens if you hit a dead-end with your counterparty?

In her book, Contract Redlining Etiquette, Nada Alnajafi discusses how powerful redlines can be when they are accompanied with explanatory comments. In-house attorneys and contracts professionals can close contracts faster, get their counterparties to agree to changes, and enjoy the redlining process more when they use these simple and proven strategies.

In this webinar, Nada will walk us through example redlines and show us what to say in the comments, how to say it, when to say it, and even what we can do to get ourselves unstuck if we hit a dead-end with a non-responsive counterparty. You will learn:

  • When and how to use explanatory comments to your advantage
  • What to say in the comments
  • Ways you can use explanatory comments to drive the negotiation forward, even in the face of obstacles (like non-responsive counterparties).