Contracting at the speed of light

Contracting at the speed of light: How Visuals Improve Contracts and Reduce Barriers to Doing Business

Charles Chaplin fully understood the power of showing without words. There are no dialogues in his movies, and yet we understand everything that’s going on. That’s because Charles Chaplin relied on visual communications, instead of words. According to MIT researchers, the human brain is capable of processing an image in as little as 13 milliseconds. That’s faster than the Sunlights’ journey to Earth! Textual communication however is much slower. The average reading speed of most adults is 200 to 250 per minute. This means that the average American would need to set aside almost 250 hours to properly read all the digital contracts they accept while using online services. If visuals are faster and better tools to communicate information, why not using them in contracts? Research indicates that almost 90% of contract users find their contracts to be difficult if not impossible to understand. Recording rights, responsibilities and obligations is a popular goal with contracts. Legal and contractual information is communicated using technical language. The results? Most of the people don’t even take a look at their contracts and proceed in the way they deem right. So why not using more visuals in contracts? At our core we are all, as humans, visual learners. And contracts readers are no different. Tune into our special one-on-one discussion with Tessa Manuello, Founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, to learn more about Visual Contracts, their value, and their impact.

You will learn: 

 • Why you can’t just use any random visuals in your contracts

 •  Why testing your visuals is a crucial and valuable step in the process of transforming legal texts into visual communication 

 • Why you should always strive for simplicity especially for digital contracts designed for online platforms. We look forward to having you join us in this incredible discussion.

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