laura frederick webinar

Developing the Contracting Skills You Need to Work In-House

Most lawyers and professionals learn how to draft and negotiate contracts through mentoring and experience. But that doesn’t work for those who don’t have access to mentors and need to learn those skills to do the job they have today. In this episode, Olga will be talking with Laura Frederick, Founder and CEO of How to Contract, a practical contract training platform. They’ll discuss why being asked to “think like the business” is really tough without knowing where to start, where to focus, and how to apply that thinking. Working in-house on contracts is only partially about knowing the law. It’s really about how you approach your work on contracts.

Laura and Olga will discuss:

• What we mean when we say lawyers need to manage risk

• Managing priorities and what does “high level” contract review really means

• Figuring out what terms are “market standard” and what is onerous

• Coming up with solutions instead of only pointing out problems

• Picking battles and what to hold fast versus back down

• Being the person who gets things done rather than just says no