Data Privacy Regulations and Software Contracts

Data Privacy Regulations and Software Contracts

Data privacy compliance is more important than ever. All of our information is out there floating all over the internet. Every other day – there is a new breach that happened and a massive fine being handed out. If you’re a multi-billion dollar conglomerate like Facebook or Equifax, you might be able to afford paying the fine and going about your business as usual. But if you’re a smaller SaaS company, not complying with data privacy compliance regulations can straight up mean the death of your company. 

This presentation will give you a high level overview how data privacy compliance affects SaaS contract drafting and negotiations.

You will learn:

• What Data Privacy Regulations are relevant for your business?

• What additional contracts do you need to negotiate?

• What can happen if you don’t follow data privacy regulations?

• What contractual provisions can you add to make sure you are complying with applicable laws?

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