Humira Noorestani

Drafting Before Picking up the Red Pen: The Role of Internal Stakeholders

Imagine working as a General Counsel for a cross border organization overseeing 100+ companies in a multitude of industries. This dynamic would require a bit of creativity in order to be efficient and effective especially, if resources are scarce. We can apply the similar, thinking outside the box concepts this GC did, in any organization. 

In this discussion you will learn the importance of: 

• Internal relationship building;

• Identifying the correct internal stakeholders especially, in larger organizations or ones that have a diverse portfolio of activities; 

• Understanding the technical and commercial aspects of the transaction, not just the “purely legal”, from the experts themselves;

• Creating the pre-issues list- the list before issues are even raised;

• Learning the risk appetite at each level of the hierarchy;

• Finally, negotiating and redlining with confidence