No-code Workflows and the Creation of Structured Law Data

The New Frontier of Law: No-code Workflows and the Creation of Structured Law Data

The recent explosion of new business models and technology within the legal industry is no secret. Firms and in-house departments are scrambling for new ways to deliver value more efficiently and at scale to clients while legal tech vendors and new alternative legal service providers are changing the industry’s landscape. The rush to be better and faster has forced a greater reliance on technology within the legal service value chain- but deciding which systems to use and how best to implement and integrate them is a challenge.  

These systems do not always come ready to go for law firms and departments unaccustomed to product roadmap cycles and change management. As such, many CLM systems have been purchased without the ability to derive maximum return on the investment. But firms and in-house departments have another route to improvement of processes without expensive technology investments.  

Join us for a conversation with Ryan Finn to discuss the no-code revolution and the search for and creation of structured law data.

You will learn:

• About no-code platforms that operate on drag and drop functionality to redesign processes using automated and improved workflow designs

• Why law needs to catch up with other industries’ use of and reliance on Big Data. 

• How to develop enough rich, structured data to feed to formalize statistical and analytics models

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