Nada Alnajafi

Working With Contracts: Q&A With Nada Alnajafi

PDFs, comments, track changes, oh my! Redlining has become a recent focus for lawyers and contract professionals who are looking to drive efficiencies, build negotiation leverage, and step up their contracting game. It is surprising to learn that 78% of contract professionals taught themselves how to redline contracts through observation, trial and error, or fake-it-to-make-it tactics.

But redlining doesn’t have to be such a pain anymore. Nada Alnajafi, author of Contract Redlining Etiquette, has laid the foundation for redlining best practices so that we can close contracts faster than ever—and actually enjoy doing our job.

Adding Parley Pro® to Enterprise Legal Management solutions feeds valuable insights directly into contract workflows, significantly reducing the risk to organizations and the burden on legal departments by enabling them to draft better contracts faster.

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